HP Printhead Cartridges

HP Printhead Cartridges

When using a refilled HP printhead cartridge or remanufactured HP printhead cartridge, please follow instructions below.

What is an HP printhead Cartridge?

There are two types of inkjet cartridges.  Printhead cartridges and ink tanks.  Printhead cartridges have a printhead directly on the cartridge, whereas ink tank do not have one because the printhead is integrated in the printer.  Some popular models of HP printhead cartridges are HP 21, 22, 56, 57, 60XL, 61XL, 62XL, 63XL, 65XL, 67XL, 74XL, 75XL, etc.

Used or Empty Cartridge Message

After installing the inkjet cartridge in the printer you might get a message saying used or empty cartridge. This is normal, press OK and continue. The printer won’t be able to read the ink level, simply print until there’s no more ink.  You might not get this message if the remanufactured cartridge you have comes with a modified electronics so that the printer can read the ink level.  Unfortunately, not all models come with a modified electronics so if you see a message indicating used or empty cartridge, simply ignore the message.

Incompatible Cartridge / Problem with cartridge

What you don’t want to see on the screen is incompatible cartridge or problem with cartridge. Remove the cartridge in question, clean the electronics with an eraser, dust off and reinstall cartridge.

Electronic Failure

If the error message (Incompatible Cartridge or Problem with cartridge) persist, most likely the electronic is not good any more. Unfortunately, we have no control on the electronics and it can stop at any time. This is the way, HP build these cartridges so they do not last long because they don’t want you to buy a remanufactured cartridge or to refill your cartridge.

Tip when using HP printhead cartridges

To prevent cartridge from drying, please print at least once a week.

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