EV - Ink Refill Service-1

Do you refill inkjet cartridges in store?

Yes we do but it depends on the model.  We refill most printhead cartridges.  Some of the models we refill are as follows:

Canon PG-40, CL-41
Canon PG-210 (XL), CL-211 (XL)
Canon PG-240 (XL), CL-241 (XL)
Canon PG-243, CL-244
Canon PG-245 (XL), CL-246 (XL)
HP 21 (XL), 22 (XL)
HP 27, 28
HP 56, 57
HP 60 (XL) Black, 60 (XL) Color
HP 61 (XL) Black, 61 (XL) Color
HP 62 (XL) Black, 62 (XL) Color
HP 63 (XL) Black, 63 (XL) Color
HP 64 (XL) Black, 64 (XL) Color
HP 65 (XL) Black, 65 (XL) Color
HP 67 (XL) Black, 67 (XL) Color
HP 74 (XL) Black, 75 (XL) Color
HP 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98
HP 901 (XL) Black, 901 (XL) Color

Can’t see your model?  Please contact us with your cartridge model and we will tell you if we refill your cartridge or if we sell a finished product such as a compatible cartridge.

***  Please note that for all color cartridges, we only refill OEM cartridges.  We have stopped refilling remanufactured color cartridges because when suppliers remanufacture printhead color cartridges, they do not seal the cover properly.  As a result, when we refill, the color spills over to the next sponge and contaminate it and ruins the cartridge.

How long does it take to refill a cartridge?

It all depends on how “fresh” the cartridge is.  Refilling can take us as fast as 5 minutes and as long as 30 minutes for 1 cartridge.  Refilling black cartridges is normally faster than refilling color cartridges.

Can I wait in store for the refill?

If we do not have orders or refills that came in before your refill, you are welcome to wait in store while we refill your cartridge(s).  The length of the wait will depend on how many cartridges need to be refilled and how good the cartridges are.

How many times can we refill a cartridge?

Nowadays, the average is 2 to 3 times only.  Although we have seen cartridges being filled over 10 times, it is now rare because of the way the cartridges are made.  Typically, the electronics of the cartridge is what will stop working first.  OEM manufacturers have figured out a way so that the electronics do not last very long so that people do not keep refilling!  Second cause of a cartridge not refillable anymore is the sponge.  After a few fills the sponge in the cartridge can no longer hold the ink like it used to.

What can I do to get more refills?

Refill your cartridge as soon as ink is low.  Do not wait until it is completely dry and leave it dry for a long time.  The ideal scenario is as soon as your cartridge starts to run out of ink you bring it for a refill and then you put the refilled cartridge back in the printer and start using them right away.

Will the refilled cartridge dry?

If you do not use it often, yes it will dry.  If you print and you get a blank page coming out of the printer, the ink cartridges have dried.  To avoid this problem, try printing something at least once a week.

Do you test the refilled cartridge?

We test the most popular models or if we have a test printer in store.  Typically, we try to test the cartridge after refilling to make sure that it is working properly before giving it back to you.

Do you refill laser toner cartridges?

Please contact us with your cartridge model and we will tell you if we refill your laser cartridge or if we sell a finished product such as a compatible cartridge.  Most laser toner cartridges that are refilled (remanufactured) are not done in store.  We work with a local remanufacturer who specialize in remanufacturing laser toners.